Want To Experience The Peak Of Modernity? Seoul Is The Place

Posted on 19 September 2018 (0)

Seoul is an amazing city to be in, the amazing food and the mesmerizing spots, each one promising to be better than the other. We believe that no amount of time is enough to experience the pulse of Seoul, as the experiences are just endless.  This city was recommended by a friend who loves to travel.  She has been here and says of all the places she has had the chance to visit, this is by far one of the top spots on her list.  She is one of the top roofing contractors in Albany in New York State and has always been impressed with the architecture and roof design that the city of Seoul exhibits.  If you are one interested in culture and art and design, this is the city for you to visit for sure!

Things to do in Seoul

  • Experience the true Augmented Reality

The Trickeye museum is one of the most unique of its kind in the world as it blends art into augmented reality. Unlike the other common art galleries, here, you can actually interact and play with the different artworks and paintings.

This is one of my favorite places in Seoul being a lover of photography. These traditional houses date for centuries and there are people actually living in them.

  • Myeongdang Cosmetics

If you are a lover of cosmetics, then this is a fairly land for you. Here, you can find the most popular of Korean brands at prices you would not even imagine! We were spoilt for the amazing collection and color of the different products placed here and a day is not enough to shop surely!


  • Experience amazingness at the Lotte World

It is a world’s biggest amusement park; this has a shopping complex as well as a hotel apart from the amusement theme park and a water park. It is a major entertainment hub in the city and is a must visit for couples, families and bachelors alike.

  • Ride a wooden roller coaster at Everland

If you are tired of the conventional theme park experience, then Everland is the place you want to be in. You will find the steepest wooden roller – coaster in the world and apart from this, it has plenty of other rides too!

How to reach Seoul?

Flights are the best way to reach the city. Upon Arrival, transit to your hotel and begin touring!

Guarulhus: This City Is The Next Upcoming Tourist Destination In The World

Posted on 18 January 2019 (0)

Guarulhos is a city in south-eastern Brazil, near São Paulo. It is a beautiful, clean and well-kept place and attracts many tourists owing to the variety of recreational activities that can be done there. Bosque Maia is a very ideal location for people with babies or for a stroll through a park or just for shopping or a quick snack. It provides a beautiful and well-maintained area that is perfect for providing a time for relaxation and the space for enjoying the beauty of nature.

The museum presents a design that is contemporary and bold that came through a contest that was organized internationally and will feature in the postcard of the city. The exterior of the place looks nice and goes in so that it is one of the best inspirations for designers. The P4 desired center ceremonies and the different meet-ups is an enchanting place due to the tiles from the colonial also presenting beautiful designs.

The Assasinas square that is usually visited by the locals the most for practicing skateboarding. I was mesmerized when I saw the skills of the people. It was started in order to honor Sneff that who were the locals of Guarulhos. It is in the memory of the locals as it is in the prominent position in the city but needs to be visited more by tourists too.

The Patos is generally famous for physical activities and outdoor walk. It serves to be a nice place with beautiful views of the place to have a walk around and offers plenty of eating options. The beautiful lake is employed for riding, race training, and having a game with children. I enjoyed spending my entire day throughout the lake. The Pleiades Clube serves as an excellent choice for a holiday as it has a real world of fun with wonderful toys, shows, and presentations. It is recommended that one visit this place for at least a week.

The Unexplored Land Is Calling To Wollongong

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Wollongong is a vibrant regional city, situated 90 kilometers to the south of Sydney. Its northern beaches, laid-back vibe, and spiritual side attract tourists of all kinds.

Places to visit

I went to Stanwell Park, the first beachside community, most famous for hang-gliding and Paragliding take-off point. From there, I went to the Temple of Nan Tien, the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere. It also offers a guided tour on Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm, costing AUD 4, imparting knowledge of Buddhist philosophy and the Chinese palace-style temple and offering classes and meditation retreats. I went to dine at Bull and Bear, where the menu starts from grilled Serrano to spiked lunches and a separate tapas menu serving in the evening and offering crumbs, mussels and scallops, a typical Oceanic cuisine.

One can even take a short walk from the city’s most central station to Sandygoodwich that offers sandwiches with features like marinated brisket, kimchi, the miso mayo, and even the eggplant. For fantastic dining, one can try Rookie’s carnivorous delights like slow cooked and roasted goat shoulder, The Wagyu brisket along with the duck chili and cinnamon with nashi which is pickled. I even visited Bald Hill Lookout, which offered some fantastic views of the place.

I visited the Wildlife Park in Symbiote see the indigenous exotic animals from close distances. From there is the Orchard of Glenberie, some members owned the farm where one can pick their fruits. Then I took a stroll along the Austinmer Beach and also enjoyed in the rock pools. Also one can browse the shopping at Austinmer along with Thirroul.

I took a relaxing walk along the boardwalk of Blue Mile, and one can even make a little swim at many of the patrolled beaches.  The Willings Botanic Garden offers unsurpassed views.

Tokyo Calling For The Best Vacation You Can Ever Have

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Tokyo is known for its cityscape and Japanese architecture, the skyscrapers in mid of low height buildings create a dynamic view, which attracted me like a magnet. While roaming in the city, I was lost in the mesmerizing surroundings. The old town, narrow streets, old shops, and Buddhist temple with the contrast of neon-lit nightclubs and markets and ultra-modern building blends to form the real spirited metropolis city.

Famous must-visit spots and places



The iconic theme park Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea combine to form Tokyo Disney Resort. This place is known for the rides, amusement park, costumed characters, and live shows. It was one of the most stress buster places in Tokyo; I had been to.



  • Tokyo Sky Tree


It is the tallest structure in Japan, and second tallest in the world after Burj Khalifa. It looks lovely at night time with its illumination design. I would have regretted if I had missed it. It was breathtaking.


  • Sensō-Ji


Sensō-Ji is Tokyo’s oldest and most significant Buddhist Temple, associated with the Tendai sect of Buddhism which became free after World War II. Temple premises held various festivals throughout the year, something which I would love to attend again. Such a colorful and beautiful celebration gives pleasure to the eyes.


  • Odaiba


It is a high-tech entertainment hub designed on an artificial island of Tokyo Bay. It has a lot of things a Beach, Seaside Park, Miraikan Science Museum, where I interacted with Robots, Waterfront Sushi Bars, Aqua city and Venice themed VenusFort, etc. On my way to Odaiba, I had crossed the Rainbow Bridge; this suspension bridge uses solar power to illuminate in the colors of the rainbow at night.

There are many more places to visit and experience the joy of mixed culture. It contains the gardens, buildings, temples, etc. is a mixture of old and new architecture, with beautiful landscapes, Mt. Fuji views and mind-numbing cityscape, leaving me in astonishment.

Some Best Cities Do Not Need Introduction

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Sydney is a beautiful place to live and a glorious city to visit. Sydney was always on top of my travel bucket list, and now after visiting there, it tops my favorites list. I recommend Sydney to everyone; it must watch in your lifetime.

Don’t think a second and book your tickets to Sydney, this upcoming vacay. Enjoy Sydney’s natural beauty, from un-spoilt and, of course, the sparkling harbor. Go ahead with a trip to the Blue Mountains, a popular tour among the people of the city.

Places to visit



One always imagines or pictures the Sydney Opera house when they think of the city, and there is entirely no doubt that it is one of the marvels in architecture. It is a dream for many to take photos at the footsteps of the House and also explore its fantastic interior and the stage.



  • Hard Rock Café


Hard Rock Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in the city and is known worldwide for its dining and drinking experience.


  • Taronga Zoo, Sydney


With fantastic views of the port of Sydney, it is also a great place to catch a glimpse of the animal and plant life of the country and the city.

With a temperate climate and lots of sunshine, this city has a lot more to offer. From food & wine to fun & shopping, to sports & adventure, day-life & nightlife, to history & culture, Sydney has everything to witness. My 7-day trip fills me with great pleasure, and the scenes got captured in my heart forever. Pack your bags and fly to the city of thrill, Sydney.

Sydney is well-connected to major cities across the world via flight, so reaching there is a piece of cake. It is recommended to stay for at least a week here and have a reasonable budget because some things in the city might get expensive. Overall, it is an experience one must have at some point.